Liis Kalda is a multidisciplinary artist practising the traditional craft of hatmaking under her namesake slow-fashion headwear label. The timeless headwear silhouettes become alive by exploring ornamentation and adornment through layering historical references with her own personal mythology.
Each hat is made by hand in Liis’ home studio in Tallinn using natural fibres and repurposed textiles which are refined into unique everyday pieces with an air of homespun mystique and romanticism.

Made To Order Hats

Because the felts that I use are precious natural materials, all hats are handmade to order by me in my home studio in Tallinn. This way, nothing is wasted on keeping extra stock and the hat is crafted specially for you. Please allow 3-4 weeks for it to be made and delivered.

Upcycled Hats

 A hat can live many lives! Most vintage hats can be reshaped into new hats. I look for old misshapen or rugged hats that have the potential to transform into their new selves and show off their best qualities. As sourcing for upcycling is more laborious and material specific, these hats will become available in drops of ready-made one of a kind items, each one truly unique in its colour, texture and thickness. For added character, some (but not all) of them may bear signs of their previous lives, such as fading or seam marks, so make sure to carefully read through each item’s description before purchasing to avoid any surprises.

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Custom Order Hats

I can only accommodate custom orders within the style range that is already on the shop. If you would like a style of hat in a different colourway, material type or sizing, email me at